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Empowering Others: Leading by Example

My goal with expressing this thought is to share a brief piece of my story during the 2020 pandemic. Today marks one year since the first documented case of covid-19 in the United States. To date, over 408,000 people in the country have died. For this number, I would like to express my direct empathy for anyone who has been affected, socially, economically, and politically, and invite those reading to do the same. 

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Our Task: Standing Against Terror with Courage

Regarding the most recent events occurring in Washington D.C., we have a task at hand. Our task, as global citizens, is to respond to this blatant disregard for respect of fellow humans, terror meant to instill fear in our hearts, and display of ignorance, with courage, strength, and unity. 

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The Power of Social Media: Meeting Waiswa Julius

Social media is an incredible tool that has led to our connection with Waiswa Julius, a social and community worker with 5 years of experience in community development. Julius founded Home of Hope Children's Center and serves as the Founding Director. Through a connection with a mutual friend working to raise money for Home of Hope, we connected with Julius on Instagram and messaged about the possibility of getting art supplies to the kids so that we could share their talent with a wider audience. 

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Pride and Joy

Pride is every single one of the 30 days of June, and every single day thereafter. To look back and see how hard we have fought through every unjust law and societal practice, pride takes its root at our core selves and is exhaled through the very love we breathe.

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