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Art and the Global Community

History, current and past, are represented through all forms of art. Artists share the responsibility and the capability to document and represent critical events throughout history. This allows people to begin to become informed and educated on activism and movements. 

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Activism and Art

Our mission at Relief Retailers is to represent artists from around the globe to give them another platform to express themselves and support people they know are in need. Globally, our Black communities are in need and we are standing up behind you, allowing your voices to be heard. You are not alone. 

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135,500 and Counting

Our decision to donate to the Coronavirus Relief Fund during our first collaboration with SavySoul was in response to our growing concerns that the virus would effect communities not only on a local but also a global scale. As testing increases there should be less positive cases shown, but instead we are seeing a reported increase. This is why mask wearing is important. 

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