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Choosing to Choose the Good Choice

We are the 2020 History Makers and believe me, history has its eyes on us. 

The capacity to which we choose to show up in the world is up to us. It is on every individual to consciously choose to show up with positive intention, word, and action. This alignment creates purposeful interactions with everyone around us, whether we notice the interaction or not. 

Intention: the “why” behind the word and action. The intention is the foundational grounding piece of the connection process. We can foster meaningful relationships that grow from deep rooted intentions. 

It’s all about what you put out into the world. What you speak, you will receive. You get the energy that you give. 

My action in this moment is to communicate my hopes for the future. I intend to create lasting relationships, harmony, and bliss and one of the ways in which I am doing this is through working on SociallyDistant. I am so grateful to work with my friends, their friends, and their friends thereafter to create purposeful interactions and lasting relationships. Choosing to choose the good choice means to stand up for every good choice that must be made. 2020 has been full of growth and change for everyone around the globe; this will not cease to end anytime soon.

We are the 2020 History Makers, and we have the capacity to choose the good choice.

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