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What the fudge is a NFT?

We are so excited to announce the launch of our first NFT project, Art Galaxy NFT! We are collaborating with the talented owner of So Indifferent, Chad Hopkins, and our top of the line creative community director, Ilene. Since NFTs are a new and unique way to buy and sell art, we thought we could make the process easier by explaining how the community works. We’ll start by defining some common terms in the space. NFT (non-fungible token): a digital artifact that reflects real-world assets such as art, music, videos and digital trading cards. The information recorded in an NFT is unique and essentially lets a creator digitally "autograph" their art. So even if an image or piece of music...

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The I of the Storm

You don’t fight a thunderstorm with your fists in full swing, you wait it out inside your home while glaring at the clouds from the window. And it passes, slowly, but it passes.

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Ballet as a Lens for Social Commentary

Art can evoke emotions from an audience through immersive performances that remove language as a social barrier. In many cases, words are not enough to express emotions as intense as grief and heartbreak. The arts allow people to experience those emotions in a safe space, reflect on the injustices in our everyday world, and act on those reflections. Ballet is only one art form of many that has the power to inspire change. I encourage everyone to step outside of their comfort zone and expand their perspectives on dance and the world around them.

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Environmental Racism and Local Leadership

Structural racism has created divides in urbanized communities such that there are large unequal distributions of wealth and resources in specific socio-cultural groups. These community divides have created gaps in natural biodiversity, created urban areas that are hotter than others, and have created pollution wells which make these communities more susceptible to health problems. BUT there are many local groups lead by diverse leaders in the environmental field that encourage less represented communities to get outside and explore nature to change this for the better! 

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