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Sustainability and Dropshipping

Relief Retailers prides ourselves on our effort to create a sustainable clothing brand. But what does that really mean? We work for every part of our business to be sustainable from minimal shipping to the materials the products are made of and reduced packaging. We decided the best route to take is using an ethical dropshipper. Simply put, a dropshipper is a third party supplier who creates each product to order and ships the product directly to the customer.

Traditionally goods are shipped from the manufacturer to the retailer and from there shipped to the customer. Although dropshipping still requires shipping, it removes one layer of the shipping process, therefore reducing carbon emissions. We chose to partner with T-Pop as our trusted dropshipper. They are an ethical manufacturer who makes their clothes with 100% organic cotton that is sustainably farmed. Even the inks they use to print are certified ecological and vegan! They have a zero plastic tolerance and will never package products with anything less than the best plastic-free packaging. Using a dropshipper also helps us reduce textile waste. Thanks to T-Pop creating orders on demand, we will never have excess clothes that were never sold going to waste.

Dropshipping is the most eco friendly solution for us here at Relief Retailers and we can’t thank T-Pop enough for being such an outstanding company to work with.

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