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The Power of Social Media: Meeting Waiswa Julius


Social media is an incredible tool that has led to our connection with Waiswa Julius, a social and community worker with 5 years of experience in community development. Julius founded Home of Hope Children's Center and serves as the Founding Director. Through a connection with a mutual friend working to raise money for Home of Hope, we connected with Julius on Instagram and messaged about the possibility of getting art supplies to the kids so that we could share their talent with a wider audience. 

In the years of existence, the organization has grown to serve many vulnerable women and children in poor communities. Julius grew up in a community where women and children were vulnerable and affected by poverty. He was inspired to start Home of Hope to empower vulnerable women, children and youths to break the cycle of poverty. Julius always dreamt to see a world where women, children and youths are free from vulnerability who have a wide range of opportunities to empowerment, education and health. He is an Advanced Certificate of Education school dropout from Jinja Senior Secondary School due to lack of resources and support for education. He couldn’t complete his education to a university level to acquire any degree.

Home of Hope Children's Center was founded and registered as a non‐profit community‐based organization in Uganda in 2015. It was established with a mandate to help and support disadvantaged children, sustain livelihoods and human rights for the most vulnerable members of the community. The vulnerable children may be orphaned, neglected, school dropouts, abandoned or simply living in acute poverty and are frequently affected by the ravages of HIV/AIDS. They care and support orphans and other vulnerable children, and are responsible for sending all the children to school. In addition, the team gives them medical support, food, clothing, bedding and offer psycho-social support to the children. However, the support that they get per month is not enough to cater for all the above and other administrative costs. The education costs in Uganda and supply costs increase yearly; as the children grow and advance to their next level of courses, the more expensive it becomes to maintain the cost of education and living to meet their needs.

Our hope from Relief Retailers is that we can reach a wider audience such that the children at Home of Hope continue to have access to education, clothing, food, and bedding. We are very grateful to Julius and the team for providing these children with hope, opportunities, and support. 

We are very grateful to Julius and the team for providing these children with hope, opportunities, and support. 

100% of proceeds from the Home of Hope collection are donated to Home of Hope to support the children's needs: attaining bedding, food, and education. 

OR Please Donate Directly to Home of Hope

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