a modern art museum on a global scale

Copy of The Co-Founders

Dani here! I am beyond excited to have co-founded Relief Retailers with Matt and Syd! I have always been driven to protect the earth, help others, and see the world. If I’ve learned anything from living, studying, and volunteering abroad in France, Scotland, and Eswatini, it’s that excess money and material goods do not correlate with happiness. These experiences guided me to an education in Environmental Studies, Economics, and Technology Information Systems. I am proud to use these skills to build a community where artists are free to create what they want and have a platform to give back to what really matters to them.
Hi! I’m Syd, a Colorado native and world traveler with a passion for global connection and innovation! Growing up I always envisioned a world that works for everyone, where all kids have the same opportunities especially for education. I have seen first hand through volunteering in Thailand and Panama and studying in Korea and Spain that a little money goes a long way for one student’s education and how compassion fosters lasting friendships. I’m currently earning a Master’s degree in Global and International Studies and plan to use my undergraduate degrees in Chemistry and Political Science to work cross-disciplinary with Dani and Matt to help foster a kind, sustainable society for generations to come. 
Hi! My name is Matt and I am so happy to share Relief Retailers with you all. Growing up I have always wanted a means to give back and as I grew older I wanted to have a larger outreach. With Relief Retailers I believe that through a sustainable, environmentally friendly company we as a society can be the source of change. I am finishing my education for becoming a Doctor of Physical Therapy and I love meeting and helping everyone I meet through this experience. I could not be more privileged to work with Dani and Syd and together I believe we can build a community where artists have the freedom of expression to promote and share what is most important to them.