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Corporate Social Responsibility

Let’s talk about corporate social responsibility! CSR means charity, ownership, ethics, sustainability, market, resources, goals, sincerity, and self-policing. Within a corporation, it takes every member, every employee, every contractor, from the bottom to the top to tell the truth, and act with integrity. Trust within a corporation is key to foster sincerity, sustainability, and maintain ethical obligations to the world. 

For us, our drive for CSR comes from the recognized need to push the market towards more ethical, sustainable, and environmentally conscious products in the marketplace. For us, this is coming from an understanding that we must take into account diversity and ethics within our company.

We know that change takes time, and we understand that not every step of the process right now will be 100% sustainable because of the system that we are constrained in, but this is our goal: push the market towards environmental sustainability. An additional future goal (like NFTS) is to add digital keys to our website where you can unlock access to interactive artwork through a “pay what you can” to the organization of the artists choice. So, the artwork will become digitalized, have monetary value, and still benefit the organizations.

We hope that you’ve had a great first day of Pride month from wherever you are in the world!!!



RR Co-Founders

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